Anomaly Summer of Love Trance Festival 5th-6th August 2023

We spoke to the Anomaly team on the 1st August regarding a visual show for the festival which was less than a week away. As this was due to be the last festival they do they wanted to add to the show and give something more to the ravers instead of a show based around purely stock visuals and static white logos.

With such short notice this did limit us on what we were able to produce as far as custom rendered special effects due to rendering time required on our workstations but we accepted the challenge and worked on a show that covered the full 2 days and all the DJ’s playing using a combination of stock visuals, custom special effects visuals using the ASOL logo and some custom special effects using each DJ’s logo.

In order to complete all of this in just a matter of days we created a main template which included the stock footage, nine custom ASOL special effects and four custom DJ special effects and then proceeded to render four custom special effects for each DJ on the line up and swap these into the template to create a final visual effects loop of around 7 mins per DJ, each to be loaded and looped as each DJ took to the stage. This was all complete ready for the festival at the weekend and the response to our show was amazing from the ravers who attended ASOL. Check out the showreel below.