Unique Original Visuals

Our team specialise in the creation of new, unique, original content for each of your shows. This combined with our live mixing VJ’s allows us to create a show that is hard to equal. Employing the latest techniques in the creation of visuals including various 3D modelling software packages, next generation animation tools and the latest in computer hardware we are able to now take your show to the next level and create high impact visual effects which can also be beat matched to the music.

SOFTWARE – Adobe After Effects, MAYA 3D, Cinema 4D, Blender, Stable Diffusion, Deforum, ControlNET and Resolume Arena 7 for live visual mixing

HARDWARE – Dell Precision 7920, Dual Xeon Gold 6138, 256GB RAM, Nvidia RTX3090 • ASUS ROG Laptop, Intel i7-13650HX, 16Gb RAM, Nvidia RTX4060

RENDER FARM – 4 x Nvidia RTX3090

Other Visuals

In addition to original and new created content we can also provide a selection of special effects and other footage from our repository of visual effects.